Welcome to my little place on the Web.

My name is SusieB, short for SusieBeary.
How I got that name is a long story
but we'll leave that for another time.

My first encounter with Paint Shop Pro
was in 2003 while rehabbing from a series of
major knee operations.
I started to learn all the wonders of PSP
at a Delphi Forum called GraphX Anonymous.
And then it wasn't long
before I was also making IncrediMail Letters
And then I started to learn Coding.
So I wanted to make my own Web Pages
So I did, and these pages are the result.

Here I'll be sharing a few things, like my IncrediMail Letters, Tutorials, Snaggables & PSP Goodies.
You'll also find here various Lessons I have done,
Awards I have received,
and Links to my Favourite Places.

And who knows what else
you might find here in the future.

So take your time, grab a tea,
and toodle around my home away from home.

This Site is currently under construction. So bear with me please.


Tutorials IncrediMail Letters PSP Goodies Snaggables

Lessons Awards Favourite Places


Web Set mostly from Moon And Back Graphics

Moon and Back Graphics

This page is not Linkware or Shareware.
Please do not save, remove, change
Any of the graphics, tiles, etc. from these pages.
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